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This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you how I was born with a camera around my neck and that my first word was aperture but that would be bollocks. Truth is I’ve just entered my thirties and I’m relatively new to photography. Although I had the head start of being trained in video production beforehand, I’ve only been taking photography seriously the past several years, but in that time I’ve been obsessed, especially since discovering my love of fashion advertising.

I’ve always found ways to express my creativity through technology, be it mixing & sequencing electronic music in my early twenties to filming & editing my own short narratives later on but with fashion & beauty photography I really feel I’ve found my home. ITS ART WITH PURPOSE.

I’m the kind of creative that if given a blank page will likely stare at it for several hours but if given a brief to create images that convey a brand’s story will be firing on all cylinders from the get go producing lots of creative ways we can tell it.

In fact if you look at my shelves you’ll find just as many books by entrepreneurs &  marketing gurus as you will creative bibles, coffee table books (and comics). I think it’s this passion to see brands cut through the noise and tell their story with compelling images and my life experience in sales & marketing prior to picking up a camera that really sets me apart from my peers. I don’t just understand the art, I understand the commerce and enjoy balancing them for you.

If you think I sound like the kind of guy you’d like to work with on your next campaign then please drop me an email and we’ll arrange a chat. In the meantime scroll down for a list of happy campers that have used my skills before.

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Bookings: adam@adammarcwilliams.co.uk



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